Monday, October 19, 2015


Base : CC cream Giordani Gold
Eye shadow : Turquoise liquid metal
Eye liner : very me soft kajal
Mascara : Giordani Gold Luscious volume
Blush : very me cherry my cheeks
Lipstics : Red berries colour soft lipstics

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review product :
Beside its quick dry, the other feature of this nail polish is

the wide brush make it so easy to apply.

Most of all... I love the colour!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

my Bangkok Trip

I was so Happy when my Boss told me that there will be a company trip to Bangkok for me and others Manager of our company for 5 days... Yeayyy...I'm so so Excited to hear will be my first trip to Bangkok and my second trip to go abroad

Day 1
we visited Teddy Bear Museum at Pattaya

#unbrandedt-shirt #rippedjeans #zarabag #vncflatshoes #oriflamesunglasses

we also see the Known Cabaret show by was amazing...i love that
and i hope that someday I can take my Dad and my Lil Mikha to see that show...

Day 2
we were going to Noog Nouch Village where can see so many terracota in many shapes and size also the attraction of the elephant 
we also visited the honey farm before leaving Pattaya and go to Bangkok
And the restaurant that we've visited for dinner was so amazed too, the view of the restaurant is's like an ancient korean

#stradivariust-shirt #levi'shotpant #vncflatshoes #zarabag

Day 3
we're in Bangkok ..Yeay....our hotel is right in the central of  Bangkok City
it's near of central of shopping mall such Terminal 21, Platinum, MBK, and Central world
Gosh... it's such like living in heaven hahahahahaha....

#zarat-shirt #unbrandedvest #companyuniform

We also visited the unforgettable Grand was so beautiful
and after that we have to cross the river to visited Madam Tsaud's

Day 4
It's a Shopping Day...Yeayyyy!!!!!
we're going shopping for all day! :D
and before leaving Bangkok we're visited Hard Rock Cafe where we can chillin' and having so much fun there


Day 5 
We're leaving...

#zarat-shirt #desinguajacket #leacooperjeans #zarabag #vncflatshoes

Bangkok...I'm Gonna Miss you!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


When i see the watermarble tutorial.. i think its gonna be easy way to try :D
Then I tried and i failed hahaha
but im still courious about this watermarble..
So i keep try :D
and Taraaa.....Yeayy i did it..
even its not too good but its not too bad either for the beginner :D

Just wait for my next watermarble

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

my unperfect make up tutorial :))

When i see such make up tutorial in social media
i really want to try and want to have such of it.. but it's me as a model hahahaha

......but the result can not be like what i want hahahaha
its not like what i seen on facebook or other socmed

See...i still can't  make that perfect brow :(
and looks like i have to use eyes selotip to make the colours more brighter
don't you think so?

my nails story

Lately..i'm crazy about colouring my nails...
it's really fun to do it...
Pls feel free to visit my  to see others

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ramadhan 2012

I still have my Ramadhan this year

in Ramadan not only by Fasting, will be so much better if we can feed the Hungry
this Ramadhan me and friends also want to share the spirit of  Ramadhan

 little thing that we can share 

@cheng ho mosque Surabaya

our happy face
before go home ^^
on our way back home with happy feelin inside
and this is what i wear in this occassion
arabian kaftan or dubai kaftan...
name fav kaftan ^^ 
given by my sister in law "bunda nonik"

And May Allah give us His Blessing and grant his forgiveness on us during this Ramadhan and Always!